Our world is growing. Global population is increasing by tens of thousands every day, and the pressure on our planet’s resources for food, feed and fuel is greater than ever. Our future – and that of our children – depends on our ability to find economically and ecologically viable ways to provide for a growing population’s basic needs.

At Darling Ingredients, we contribute to that goal by creating sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredient solutions.  We take the meat by-products from our animal-based diets, and process them to reclaim valuable and essential bio-nutrients, fats, oils, proteins, meals and more that are used daily in personal, commercial, and industrial products. Our natural and sustainable ingredients are marketed internationally to the pharmaceutical, food, animal feed, pet food, biofuel, fertilizer, sports nutrition and cosmetic industries. 

Our commitment to the health and safety of humans, animals, industries and the planet as a whole ties in firmly with our core values: 




These values are the foundation for all of our activities, setting our path as we develop and produce sustainable solutions for our world. 
Read more about our Code of Conduct here.

Our Business Structure

Through the efforts of our diverse brands, Darling Ingredients is known for quality, safety, biosecurity and integrity in the wide array of industries we serve. Visit Our Brands page to learn more specifically about what we do, the ingredients we produce, and the industries we serve.

We are continually seeking out new applications for our products, and have entered into joint ventures with other like-minded, innovative companies.

Partnered with Valero Energy Corp. to annually repurposes approximately 15% of the nation’s recycled animal fats, used cooking oils and distiller oils into 275 million gallons of low-carbon, clean-burning renewable diesel at our Norco, LA facility

On January 2, 2020 Darling Ingredients acquires 100% of EnviroFlight. EnviroFlight creates nutritional, high-protein ingredients for pets, poultry, fish and exotics from black soldier-fly larvae in a modern, first-of-kind facility in Maysville, KY.

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